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Drew Madacsi, uber entrepreneur, answers 5 Q’s…

by capetowndiva

Drew Madacsi is the joint owner of the House of Machines, Outrage of Modesty and The Sneaky Sausage in Shortmarket Street. He is a dynamic, inspirational guy, a global entrepreneur.


Drew (left) pictured at The House of Machines with top chef Wesley Randles from The Shortmarket Club next door. (Taken by Andy Lund)

1. Tell me about your line of work?

Hmm, good question, let’s settle on being a current Jack of all Trades. I’m currently sitting as the Non Exec Chairman of a Singapore Listed company that is being repurposed to become a global brand development and asset holding company. Additionally I consult to several global brand and investment companies, conducting some very exciting business projects in South Africa, Japan and the US. So I could say my line of work is categorised as Corporate Strategy Development.

2. What is your passion – what inspires you?

The growth of people. Sounds corny but I’d like to see the people around me coming up to become far greater versions than I could ever aspire to become. I’m lucky to be surrounded by some really talented, passionate and driven young people. In a world that’s constantly complaining about the “youth of today”, I’ve found the young talent I’m surrounded with constantly open to being better. I’m sure some days they want to strangle me but they keep rolling up, that’s a sign of future leaders.

3. What is it you love about Cape Town? Obviously a trick question, what’s not to love?! I’m very lucky I’m a global nomad through my work but no other place feels like my spiritual home. It’s the people, the creative energy – simply world class.

4. Name a favourite travel destination & tell us why you love it?

Right now, Japan. I’m lucky to reside in Tokyo at the moment, so the energy is amazing. Japan is a country of tradition and endless sub-culture tied together, wanting to stay true but wanting to be something new. Officially the friendliest non-English speakers in the world.

5. What are a few of your favourite things in life and what is your pet peeve?

Favourite: my family, my businesses and my friends.

Pet peeve: When you shake a hand, you see it to the end, whether it’s to your disadvantage or not. So people that don’t honour that code peeve me.

Social media: @drewmadacsi on Instagram

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