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Bordello chic in Cais do Sodre

by capetowndiva

Pensão Amor is a fabulous bar to visit in Cais do Sodre in Lisbon. The sumptuous interior is reminiscent of its former bordello days – heavy velvet drapes, tassles, ornate lamps, gilded mirrors and more… tres vintage.

The area was once frequented by a seedy set but in 2011 the district was given a makeover. No longer the domain of tarts, sailors and pimps, its main street, Rua Nova do Carvalho, has been painted a welcoming pink. 
They say this part of town has upstaged Bairro Alto – whatever the case, it’s another amazing part of Lisbon. Bohemian chic is the dominant style and if you plan a bar or Fado club crawl, go late… things only get going around midnight. 
Pensaor Amor >

Pink Street > 

Close by~ I liked the old wrought iron feature alongside the newer graffiti…

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