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Blu who? Street art & graffiti in Lisbon…

by capetowndiva

I now love street art. The first I saw of it in Lisbon last week made my jaw drop. Three abandoned buildings one after the other, a whole block, each with an incredible mural that covers the entire facade. I’d never really absorbed how great these artworks are…incredible attention to detail and the scale, just perfect. The artists responsible are Os Geméos, Blu, Sam3, Ericailane and Lucy Mclauchlan. I’m quite new to this type of art and I blame these guys for firing up a new obsession wit it. So much so that I am planning street art tours in Paris, Berlin and Madrid in May 2015 and am going be submitting an editorial about it for a South African newspaper
There’s a lot of graffiti around this city. Some of it I feel is messy, neither here nor there, a lot of, and too much drawn over ancient walls, park benches and mosaic tiles. I get that it’s a form of artistic expression too but it’s a pity when it messes up historical sites.
Street art that can be found wherever you look in Lisbon- don’t forget to look up. Be inspired…
Os Gemeos & Blu…

Erica il Cane

Near the ‘pink street’…

Messy but the tiles are beaut >
Just off Rossio Square >
LX Factory >

LX Factory >

Fado singer Amalia, a mural off Avenue Liberdade > 

Chiado >

At the Harbour >

 I like this > 

Sintra >

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