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Lisbon street art

December 22, 2014

is the city that ignited my love for street art and now I seek it out wherever I go, be it my home city of Cape Town, or further afield in cities like Paris and Berlin. I notice it now, every time. The first grand scale wall art I ever laid eyes on was in Lisbon: three abandoned buildings one after the other, a whole block, each with a linking mural covering the entire facade. Incredible detail and perfectly to scale. The artists responsible for the piece were Os Geméos, Blu, Sam3, Ericailane and Lucy Mclauchlan. I blame that artistic quartet for my ongoing obsession with this inspiring form of expression.
There are various expressions of street art to be found as you wander Lisbon’s various districts, both elaborate and simple – from graffiti, to line drawings, etchings, sketches, stamps, poster paste and more. At times, if unsanctioned, it’s not always welcome though, especially when it defaces historical sites, public transport and historical sites.
Hopefully you won’t see much of that so keep an eye out and be amazed at some of the amazing artworks in one of Europe’s most stunning cities.

Os Gemeo & Blu



At LX Factory

Fado singer Amalia, a mural off Avenue Liberdade


On the waterfront

Graffiti, not always a welcome sight



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