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LX Factory in Lisbon~ a cool creative space

by capetowndiva

If you’re a creative, get to LX Factory in Alcântara, on the riverside in Lisbon. Dating back to 1846, the area was once a vast industrial site, part of which has been restored into a hub of arts related businesses, from fashion to food, architecture, PR and design. I guess if I lived in Lisboa, DIVA PR and Lateral Paul (@lateralpaul on Instagram) would be based here. 

My fave shop spots> India That Wears You (coolest silk pants) and Wish (tzatskes and a sage green wool scarf)…lunch & vino was at the unpretentious Cantina where the service was so friendly. 

It’s best to go on a Sunday when there’s an open air market of amazing 2nd hand goods and other bargains.

Rua Rodrigues de Faria 103, 1300 Lisboa, Portugal*

The streets leading to LX, under the Big Bridge >

Inside LX>

People you meet>


Cantina restaurant >


Get there and be inspired!


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