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The Splash of Pink Bubbly Festival in Robertson & 5 Q’s with Henk van Niekerk

November 28, 2016






There’s more to the Cape winelands than wine, clearly. Estates are increasingly in uber innovation mode with some additionally producing fine craft beer and others, a superb MCC. With regard to the latter, I attended a stunning event a few weeks ago in Robertson- the Paul René Splash of Pink Bubbly Festival on the Wonderfontein wine farm. It was a fabulously festive day – from the unbeatable setting amongst the vineyards, to the fresh oysters, live music, pink gin, sidecars, horse rides, super cool cooler bags (seriously amazing!), and of course, the star of the show, the bubbly!


best cooler bag ever…amazing innovation!



gorgeous setting…



One of my absolute best South African blooms, the protea, decorating the tables around the venue


everything was so well organised…lovely touches throughout..



Lucy Beard from Hope on Hopkins, one of my fave gin brands, was there too with this beautiful pink gin…

Paul René MCC Brut is made from 100% chardonnay grapes and lies fermenting for almost 2 years on the lees (yeast sediment) that ‘creates a vibrant mousse, apricot and green apple freshness, with emphatic & persistent dry finish’.



Henk van Niekerk, farmer and bubbly producer

5 Q’s with Henk van Niekerk ~

1. Tell me about your line of work?

I am a farmer at Wonderfontein Farm and the producer of Paul René MCC Brut

2. What is your passion – what inspires you?

To work as a team with my wife Monica, and to build this brand with her. Festivals and PR form part of living the dream to me.

3. What is it you love about where you live?

Living on a farm means no traffic, which means you have time to enjoy the outdoors and spend time with friends. I get to eat at a table three times a day with my wife and son.

4. Name a favourite travel destination & tell us why you love it?

Croatia. I never knew I’d be able to relax the way I did.

5. What are a few of your favourite things in life and what is your pet peeve?

Favourite: Surfing with mates and to be able to treat people to a decent meal. Peeve: I don’t like egocentric people.

Paul René MCC is situated on the Wonderfontein Farm and is an easy 90 minute drive from Cape Town, only 1 km outside of Robertson on the road to McGregor.

Tell: +27  23 626 2212   http://www.paulrenemcc.co.za/


pink everywhere…




Until next time,


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