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South African English~ Eish!

by capetowndiva

eish (aysh) – Used to express surprise, wonder, frustration or outrage: “Eish! That cut was eina!”
South Africans speak English, but that doesn’t mean you’ll always understand us. Our robots are nothing like R2D2, just now doesn’t mean immediately, and babbelas is not a shampoo. South African English has a flavour all its own, borrowing freely from Afrikaans, which is similar to Dutch and Flemish, as well as from the country’s many African languages. Some words come from colonial-era Malay and Portuguese immigrants.

Read more: http://www.southafrica.info/travel/advice/saenglish.htm#.UGboBmthiSM#ixzz27rR8bsRC http://www.southafrica.info/travel/advice/saenglish.htm#.UGboBmthiSM


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