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There are only a handful of places in Cape Town selling AMAZING coffee and The Power & the Glory is one of them. They stock Deluxe beans, very popular in this town. FYI other great coffee shops in the Mother City (that’s what we fondly call Cape Town) are The House of Machines, Deluxe and Espressolab. Don’t even think about getting your caffeine fix at Vida e Caffe, there I said it.
This little post of mine on this slightly grumpy-weather-Wednesday is just to show you, People From Afar, where to be sure to visit when in this hood when seeking out that excellent espresso / latte / whatever. Thando is probably one of the best baristas around so you’re sure to get a smooth delivery,  in a stylish Le Creuset cup. For tea lovers- I’m also one of those- they serve Dilmah, such a fine leaf I must say. Oh, and the food is great as well. This is my go-to place for a breakfast of soft boiled eggs, with roasted sweet baby tomatoes and avo to replace the toast (yes, I’m busy Banting). And if you’re love a spot to chill after work, P&G is also a bar, the Black Ram, doing the finest gourmet hotdogs, fabulous local and other craft beers, and some great vino…try the organic Waverley Hills cab sauv…it slips down ever so nicely.

13B Kloof Nek Rd, 0214222108, 08h00-23h30

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