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Cape Town’s Waterfront…..(one of the) best in the World!

by capetowndiva

It’s called the V&A Waterfront…some say it’s one of the best of its kind in the World. I would agree with that. The best waterfronts globally feature amenities that increase people’s comfort and enjoyment. Well positioned benches, good lighting & walkways determine how people use the space & encourage social interaction. And of course there’s that all important feature, the water itself. Our V&A showcases the working Harbour & surrounding open sea beautifully. It’s a fabulous destination for everyone, be they local or from over-the-sea. Other than amazing food (like at the popular Harbour House on Quay 5), there is great shopping, be it for cosmetics, books, interiors, lifestyle, clothing (including top international brands like Zara, Vuitton, Gucci, Burberry….). Of course this waterfront wins because…..it’s in Cape Town! Mother City, take a bow! @VandAWaterfront www.waterfront.co.za




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