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Cape Town is at her best right now…

by capetowndiva

This is is my favourite time of the year, in my favourite city. If I was getting married, or having a significant outdoor event, this is the time of year I’d do it. The days are amazing, the good weather a constant, there’s hardly any wind & the evenings are sublime. It’s the perfect finale to a glorious summer. Make the most of the outdoors while you can because before long, it’s going to start getting a little, then a lot chilly. Today I walked slowly around the V&A Waterfront…two things were very evident: flocks and flocks of seagulls were chilling in the bay & there were loads of tourists, here for the famous Argus Cycle Tour. What a vibe! Salu, cheers, l’chaim, sante,  skal, cin cin, prost! Have a sensational weekend people! 

The V&A Waterfront

The V&A Waterfront


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