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And the day ended in Blouberg…

by capetowndiva

We joined one of our dearest friends (of 21 years) for dinner last night at Primi Piatti in Blouberg, Alessia Brown, & her two amazing kids, Lloyd & Gemma. It was a fun night! I say Blouberg but it was technically Tableview, one of my worst areas of Cape Town….I’ve always hated it. Although right on the coast, with this superb view across False Bay, the area is generally punctuated by very bad architecture, cluster housing, average restaurants, no decent coffee, & the wind of course…it blows way too much there. Good to get that off my chest!
 People from Afar, in spite of my comments, it’s good to drive there (about 25 minutes from the City) for great Instagram pics, if nothing else. Or a surf  perhaps? You can always race through to town again for coffee at Tamboers Winkel or Jason or wherever….

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