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5 Q’s with restaurateur & chef Amanda Lewis

by capetowndiva

My 5 Q’s with Amanda Lewis from Saucisse Deli at the Old Biscuit Mill in Salt River, Cape Town.

I’ve always loved Saucisse – for the great food (don’t get me started on that crispy pancetta I sneak-eat in my weak flexitarian moments) and consistently warm welcome of course, and also for Amanda’s sustainability approach…from the products she has in-store and the ingredients she sources, to the way she supports local producers and to the recycling that goes down in her kitchen. A chef with a green heart, just like mine.




Amanda Lewis, photographed by Mariusz Szczawinski

Who are you and what do you do?

I am Amanda Lewis, a Chef, Restaurateur, Consultant and most importantly, a lover of mother earth. My main focus in the restaurant industry is sustainability and supporting local. Once you realise that buying local, artisanal products directly affect the lives of many families living in your immediate community, it becomes a no-brainer, really. Many of my local producers have been able to use my deli as a fantastic platform to grow their brand and to connect with like-minded producers and chefs.


In the kitchen… Image: Mariusz Szczawinski

What is your passion – what inspires you?

My passion in life is GOOD food, not necessarily fancy food, but real honest cooking, using fresh, seasonal and local ingredients. I also have a passion for education, and I pride myself on personally training each one of my staff members when they join the deli. I am also currently creating a sustainability course, which I will be lecturing at The Hurst Culinary Academy (in Stellenbosch) next year. Being able to spread the message of sustainability is such a passion of mine that I am self-publishing my new book, Eat food: A collection of delicious recipes and a guide to greening your life. I am inspired by the eco-worriers who stand up for the future of our planet and hope that my story will inspire current and future foodies, business owners and chefs.

What is it that you love about Cape Town?

What is there not to love about Cape Town? I am constantly blown away by what Cape Town has to offer – and I’ve lived here pretty much my whole life! From incredible beaches and the picturesque winelands to weekends away in small towns (CT Diva: yay for staycations!). I cannot get enough of it. I spent many years working abroad but I could never stay away from Cape Town for too long. The food culture is also phenomenal, and it’s bursting with new, creative small businesses – it’s always great to see the support that they receive from the locals.

Name a favourite travel destination & tell us why you love it.

My favorite place to travel has to be Spain. I lived in a small town in Spain for almost a year learning to love the food, the culture, the language and most of all, the beaches. I haven’t been able to leave the deli since I opened in 2010 but when the time comes for a break, I will be on the next plane to the Balearics.

What are a few of your favourite things in life and what is your pet peeve?

I am an animal lover of note, so having a house full of dogs makes my heart happy; I love anything outdoors, so horse-riding, going on hikes with my fur buddies and going to the beach keep me smiling from ear to ear.

I cannot stand it when people throw trash out of car windows, or in the street; where is your mind, come on people! Also, I hate it when people think going green is just a trend… ignorance!


Amanda and her Dad Derrick, who always greets everyone with such warmth and sincerity Image: Mariusz Szczawinski

Instagram: @saucissedeli | Twitter: @SaucisseDeli | Facebook | www.saucisse.co.za | 021 447 71770

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