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5 Q’s with Kelly Greening from Redrum

by capetowndiva


Stylist Kelly Greening, my hair manager and the woman responsible for my blond vibes is next in my 5Q’s interview series >

Who are you?

I’m the owner of Redrum Culture Club salon at the Woodstock Exchange – an inspirational and creative hub.


What inspires you?

I’m inspired by many things: local music & fashion designers really excite me at the moment – there’s an amazing sub-culture slowly bubbling away in Cape Town. Of course I have huge love for Vivian Westwood, and the punk scene runs very deep in my personal style.

What is it you love about Cape Town?

I love many things about Cape Town but the main thing is the shear grit and strength I see in people trying to build new concepts and new businesses.

Name a favourite destination – why is it amazing?

Berlin. I left a piece off my heart there. It is also one off the most diverse artistic and thought- provoking cities

5. Name a few of your fave things and your pet peeves?

Squashing cream cakes and the sound of the crackle of a vinyl record ❤️ pet peeves are those people who don’t pick up their dog’s poop, and big egos.


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