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Zanne Stapelberg & Kathleen Tagg

by capetowndiva

What a beautiful performance last night by opera Diva Zanne Stapelberg & pianist Kathleen Tagg, at the Fugard Theatre. It was the launch of their first CD. The show is called Soul of Fire, playing for 2 nights only. Between them, these 2 artistes bring tremendous depth, passion & joy to their performance. Zanne sings divine Spanish songs with great flair & in bold technicolor! The onstage ensemble led by Kathleen is superb: bass player Mr. Lazar, violinist Piet de Beer & percussionist Joseph Avengel with a great hat! They deliver exquisite music that includes Tango & more…World music from Cuba & Argentina, gorgeous….. I’d say go see it but it’s sold out tonight, sorrynfor you! follow the two via @ZanneStapelberg @KathleenTagg to keep up with their upcoming gigs & go buy the CD!



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