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McGregor, a new adventure

by capetowndiva

WRITTEN IN MARCH 2016 & UPDATED: 8 April 2020

It’s Easter weekend and I’m in McGregor. Usually Lateral Paul & I stay in a guest house or cottage, always booked though Mira of McGregor Country Getaways but this time around, we stayed in 11 Voortrekker Street, the little house we bought earlier this year that’s now finally ours! A holiday home in the country and a dream come true. On our very first visit to the town last year we talked about how fab it would be to have a place there and now it’s a reality.

McGregor is enchanting. Here are a few images taken of this and that today on my meander through the town and surrounds…



The house from the street, when we bought it in 2016


as it looks today- 8 April 2020



The local Unistars Band

Above: The talented Unistars!



Koeksusters from the market! Best I’ve ever tasted!

Flora’s restaurant was a highlight but is no longer there. There are other fabulous eateries on Voortrekker- see the end of my Lockdown in McGregor post for where to wine and dine deliciously!


Flora’s coffee shop & restaurant…wonderful

Walks in the Krans and along country paths..




I’m so happy to be a part-time villager. Add McGregor onto your Route 62 itinerary- the ‘Road to Nowhere, such a delight!’

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