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Theatre: Special Thanks to Guests from Afar

by capetowndiva

I’ve been very fortunate to do the PR on all 4 plays of Artscape’s 8th annual Spring Drama Season. Special Thanks to Guests from Afar is the last of the plays & it opened last night at the Arena. It’s a three hander with a perfect cast: Nicholas Dallas, Chi Mhende & Gideon Lombard, directed by Matthew Wild. I missed First Night as was laid up with the worst bronchitis of my life, coupled with an inflammation of the lung membrane. Charming. I hear the play, Nicholas Spagnoletti’s latest after the wonderful London Road, was very well received so am looking forward to catching up on the reviews, Tweets & Facebook posts. See www.meganshead.co.za for the first of the reviews, written by the amazing Megan Furniss. More to come in the various papers & online. Follow @ArtscapeTheatre @ MatthewTWild @AlexanderBarCpt @MegansHead @RietAlfred for updates & comments & just because these are great theatre people!


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