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Scenes from Darling & Plein Streets, Cape Town

January 19, 2013

I had to wait for Luke to do something in town ~ instead of hanging in my car, I went walkabout & saw some amazing buildings up close…I haven’t set foot in this part of town for years & I can tell you, some of the architecture is stunning- a lot of Art Deco (Old Mutual building, Muller’s optometrist). People from Afar, when you next visit, go and have a look-see: Darling Street, where it intersects with Plein Street. You can actually do a walk from Wale Street, down Plein and into Darling & see all the loveliness as you go. Instagram heaven! Another reason to come to Cape Town!

Above: Kerk Plein

Above: Plein Street

Above: Plein Street, cobbles & all…

And the beautiful Old Mutual building, in all it’s marble magnificence…

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