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Phra Nang Cave, Krabi

March 27, 2013

Ten minutes walk from Railay Beach- in your flip flops- is Phra Nang cave on the quiet beach of the same name. It is impressive, not so much for the peculiar shrine of carved wooden phallic symbols, but for the unbelievable rock formations, stalactites, stalagmites, small caves and troops of monkeys you meet along the pathway to the beach and that surround the main cave. It’s almost like the Cango Caves (in Oudtshoorn South Africa) turned inside out. The limestone rocks and cliffs are massive on this side and popular with climbers the world over.
Phra Nang beach with its surreal stalactites …

Monkeys traipsing along a fence on the path to Phra Nang beach…

A Karst rock rises up in the jungle..

You can access the caves & Phra Nang beach from East Railay, through a winding path – no sport shoes needed which is great…it’s all on the level, perfect for lazy Travellers like me…

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