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New Years Eve, 2012. Cape Town.

January 1, 2013

Last night, we did an early dinner at Harbour House at the Waterfront. The setting is superb & the food is excellent. Between us we had sushi, tiger prawns & rack of lamb, all so tasty. After the meal, we watched the movie End of Watch with Jake Gyllenhall. It was very good but so violent & left me feeling upset…the cruelty of the Cartels operating in South Side LA etc was unbelievable & terrifying. I tell you, if I was living in LA, the good areas, & had that level of gangsterism & madness seething a few km’s away, I’d leave the city. Anyway, after the film, we hoped to grab coffee somewhere & hang out until the fireworks display but things didn’t quite go to plan. There were thousands of people cramming the Waterfront by the time we left the movie house- we could hardly move- so we opted to head home & Paul took Luke back at 11:30 to watch the fireworks & then collect Son no 2 who’d been at the Waterfront with friends. Also, last night we had gale force winds hammering the city & waterfront so it was just unpleasant all round. I slept through the midnight moment!

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE- may 2013 bring you astonishing good health, inner peace & much joy !

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