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Greek Dinner Tonight chez Maria’s ….

by capetowndiva

I’ve not been to Maria’s in Dunkley Square in the Gardens (Cape Town) for dinner in a loooonnnng time. This restaurant is somewhat legendary, having been around for about 23 years (I do however stand to correction). David Kramer recommended it to me btw. Standing in my kitchen & cooking tonight was just so unappealing so this was the choice- supper el Greco. Luke & I had the lamb pita which was fab, with artichokes secreted away in the mix, an unexpected & delish surprise. Oscar’s fried calamari on the other hand was less than impressive- I mentioned it to the waiter who said we should have had the grilled calamari. (Erm, next time do a bit of recommending dude). Deluxe supply the coffee there so I rounded off dinner with a flat white & a few baklava cigars with fresh, unsweetened cream. All-in-all a good meal, a fab atmosphere & I’ll go again , though not for the calamari. By the way, the house wine is great & at R25 a glass, a good deal. 0214613333. Go Greek!








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