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Gardens, Cape Town

by capetowndiva

On my way down Roodehek Street for a (very) late breakfast at Dogs Bollocks & coffee at Deluxe

So as usual, Dogs Bollocks delivers deliciousness. One thing though- the eggs etc (you can choose whatever you want with them eg mushrooms, beans, tomatoes etc) typically get served in a ‘hubcap’, one of those thick pita breads. I was offered a choice of breads & picked rye bread with my eggs on top. Megan (Le chef) didn’t tell me the were NO KNIVES & FORKS available as would be the norm for such a dish. Egg yolk is messy. I was messy. I got grumpy. So note to chef: don’t assume people know that there is a no-knives-and-forks policy at DB, no matter the meal, no matter the time of day. Remind the patrons, please do. Just in case they are having a bad hair day. Like I was/ am. Over & out. PS, fab latte, thanks @carlwessel & Deluxe barista *


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