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Creative Excellence at the Design Indaba Expo 2013

by capetowndiva

Design Indaba 2013- a showcase of high-end, homegrown design, craft, decor, fashion, product design, industrial design, new media, publishing, visual art, jewellery design and graphic design, all in one place, over one weekend. I can spend hours wandering around absorbing the amazing creativity & uploading madly on Instagram of course. The Expo is on until Sunday 3 March- it’s a must for anyone who appreciates beautiful craftsmanship, across the board. Oh, there’s lovely grub to be had too with, amongst others, the El Burro & Limincello caravans parked right there & my fave fudge maker has the dessert: Ma Mere Maison! Could have done with coffee by Deluxe though…. www.designindaba.com @DesignIndaba #designindaba2013

Recycled artworks…

The black sheep of the family is on top…

Bluecollarwhitecollar for fabulous shirts & music played on a real record player…


Collage of design prettiness….


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