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Bombay Bicycle Club….a quirky eatery in Cape Town

by capetowndiva

They call it the BBC & it’s a fabulous eatery at the top of Kloof Street in Cape Town. What you get, aside from great cuisine, is a slight sense of madness when you walk past Mr. Maharaja at the door into what I’d describe as a happy place. I want to meet the decorator because bravo to him or her for such a clever use of what is essentially a very small space. Upstairs, downstairs & all that’s in between is amazingly appointed so you don’t feel squashed in & the decor is busy & quirky, with a touch of kitsch here & there. Every inch is tarted up with something fabulous, be it a lamp, pictures, ornaments, hanging drums, fake flowers or fairy lights. For dinner, I had delish ravioli with oxtail & ricotta…the meringue of my Pavlova dessert wasn’t having a good night but the hostess Olivia handled the situation with aplomb & I’ll try it next time, after I’ve indulged in their famous chocolate chili steak that I’ve heard so much about. So get your good self over to the BBC for your very own Bohemian rhapsody. 0214236805 for bookings *

Fairy lights …

Lamps & things..

Oxtail ravioli with ricotta…so good…


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