by capetowndiva

Moi, ballet class, the 80’s, CAPAB Ballet Company.

I started ballet when I was 5 & won the studio’s Margot Fonteyn picture that year. Ballet was me..I lived it and loved it..I had an incredible teacher, Mignon Furman, who dreamt big & took me at age 14 and 15 to do specialized training in London, Paris, Cannes, Monte Carlo, Tel Aviv…I saw unforgettable performances by the Royal Ballet, the Paris Opera Ballet, Bat Dor. I met Margot Fonteyn when I was 15 ~ she judged me in the Adeline Genee competition in London. I didn’t place but she sought me out..”are you the girl with the lovely tan (it was December)..please don’t be discouraged…prizes mean very little…you have a great talent and will go far.” those words dropped into my spirit and I truly did have a beautiful career in an art form I am still passionate about. More to follow. CTD*


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