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Autumn colours in the Cederberg…

June 21, 2014
I’ve been going to Kromrivier in the Cederbrg Mountains for about 17 years now in the summer holidays and this was my first visit in autumn. The colours and textures blew me away…. plants, flowers, rocks, sand, the sky, the falling leaves…it seemed like I was walking around inside a painting.
Kromrivier is a farm about 4 hours from Cape Town, 280km to the north. It’s owned by the Nieuwoudt family and its proper name is the Cederberg Tourist Park. The farm borders the Cederberg Wilderness and has basic but comfortable self catering bungalows. If you’re an outdoor and nature loving person you’ll love it at Kromrivier, it’s soothing for the soul. There are amazing walks, hikes and drives to incredible places like the Stadsaal rock paintings and caves, Truitjieskraal for rock climbing, Kromrivier Valley (Disa Pool, Kromrivier Cave, Apollo Peak), Maltese Cross and the Wolfberg Cracks and Arch. 

I’m not always that energetic so lazing about with a book in the sunshine or chilling out fireside with a bottle of red wine does wonders for eliminating my city stress levels and rejuvenating me. That and the smell of fynbos…aaaaahhhhhhh…..People From Afar won’t know what that is but need to get here to SA to find out.

Oh by the way they’ve starting brewing their own craft beer at Kromrivier which, according to Lateral Paul, is excellent. Another incentive…

Take a look at my pics….

One of the bungalows on the dam…

This rock shaped like a seahorse is at the farm entrance…

Fields of heather….

A protea against a vivid sky and a fading moon….

The farm dog…

Weaver bird and it’s nest…

Prettiest pink…

See, a painting. That’s my eldest boy Luke up there… he was 3 when we first starting visiting the farm..

We took our parrot with…he’s enjoying his early morning rusk clearly…


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