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An art meander in Franschhoek

by capetowndiva

Yesterday found me back in Franschhoek, this time to take a closer look at the art route that is open to the public all year around. There must be something in the water in this fabulous little village, as creativity is oozing from practically every (French) corner. From fine art to sculptures, accessories, craft, jewellery, photography and ceramics, I saw such beautiful work (and did a spot of shopping) in the few galleries and stores I managed to visit. The art map, soon to be finalised ahead of the art fair in October, will give people an idea of what is on offer and where, and people will, as they can already do now, tailor make their own routes, stopping in between at any number of excellent restaurants or wine farms for a glass of vino and other delicious fare. I had a stunning Winelands Tea (and bubbly) at the Pierneef  restaurant at La Motte estate (NB it’ll be closed for a winter break from 18 July to 12 August), after doing a tour of the grand old master’s exceptional collection at the museum alongside. A detailed article on my art meander will appear in the Cape Times towards the end of September. 

Yet another reason to love Franschhoek and be grateful for Cape Town the Magnificent!



Ebony, 32 Huguenot Road



FRart Anpa4

ODA (Objekt.Design.Art) at Anpa Jewellers, 42 Huguenot Street

FRart Anpa1


FRart food

Winelands Tea at La Motte…


FRart DW2

A ceramic bird by Sarah Walters, at the David Walters atelier

FYI: I was invited by On the Marque Communications representing Franschhoek Tourism

My thoughts & prayers are with the people of France & Nice after the Bastille Day tragedy yesterday (pic: NY Times sourced on Instagram)


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