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Style & great coffee at Boyy Cafe in Bangkok

June 27, 2015

Bangkok consumes me. The heat, smells, noise, traffic, people. It’s in your face and I love it. This is my second visit in a year, my first over December which is apparently winter. Really? I’ll take it…
Having Lateral Paul in BK is always a bonus. He usually gets here a few days before we do for bluecollarwhitecollar business (sourcing beautiful shirt fabrics, buttons etc) and without fail, leads us to amaze coffee shops, vintage stores, restaurants.

Boyy is a stylish eatery in upmarket Thong Lor that serves superb coffee, the best I’ve experienced in this city. Lateral Paul is a coffee snob and he was in caffeine heaven. The food is excellent as well- try the shrimp and avo salad and any of the pastas…

Boyy Cafe..

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