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Good chemicals…really.

June 27, 2015

You may or may not know it but I get a big Can-Can-Girl kick out of recycling: glass, plastics, paper, tins, books etc – I’ve been doing it for years. A few months ago, to my eco delight, I discovered Bokashi at the Oranjezicht City Farm (OZF) across the street from I live. Bokashi, to quote, is wheat bran inoculated with SCD Probiotics that conveniently composts all food waste that goes towards making your (or others’) soil more productive. If you’re keen to do Bokashi, here’s how it works: you head for the OZF in Upper Orange Street; seek out someone important looking in the garden area or at the Probio stall at the market; purchase a bag of Bokashi bran for R150 and you’ll be given a biggish sized black bucket for free in which to toss all your organic kitchen waste. Each time you peel anything, are done with tea leaves and bags, mouldy bread, old lettuce leaves, pips, egg shells etc etc, you throw them into your Bokashi bin and sprinkle a small amount of bran (the packet lasts for ages by the way) over it all, layer by food layer. After about 3-4 weeks, your bucket runneth over (amazingly there’s no bad smell in that bucket) and you haul it back to the OZF where they empty it onto their heap of organic waste.
And so, you’ve not only reduced your carbon footprint but will find that, combined with the recycling of the other hard waste, you have way less rubbish going out of your house pevery week.
It’s my contribution, albeit a small one, to a healthier environment – it would be great if more homes could do it and for restaurants to hook into the process as well, by buying the bigger composter unit and throwing all their organic undesirables into that. Such a simple thing to do and it makes such a difference. See www.probio.co.za for more info and get recycling people…we owe it to the planet.

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