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Ditch your keys & Uber it.

June 10, 2015

I’ve been into Uber since the get go. I attended the Cape Town launch in Camps Bay in 2013 and signed up straight away. It was a no brainer – you tap once to ride, the car takes minutes to arrive, you can get a fare estimate before you agree to the trip and best of all for me, it’s cashless.  What’s not to love?

Most people know I had a large frothy with Uber on New Year’s Eve last year when surge pricing went through the roof. Long story short, I never dissed the service, just a particular incident and in fact I was back Ubering about the very next day. I’m someone who often has to go to meetings in the city centre. We all know that on-street parking is a ‘mare and I personally hate having to hand over R12,00 an hour to those blue and orange clad parking attendants. If I could leopard crawl to my car and avoid them I would, but that’s obvs not gonna happen. Being in town for up to 4 hours at a time racks up a painful cost so catching an Uber makes sense. It’s often cheaper there and back from my office. When I’m away travelling (I recently Uber’d very conveniently in Paris and Berlin), or have an early morning work situation and can’t get my younger son to school, it’s Uber that replaces Mom’s Taxi. And of course, very importantly, I can now enjoy a glass and a half of vino and not break out in a cold sweat every time I climb back into my car, feeling perfectly fine yet fretting about the possibility of being a smidge over the limit, failing a breathaliser test at a roadblock and then, horrors, landing my suburban ass in a jail cell. Uber means no more of that stressing, thank you very much.

And lastly, I’m out at night a lot- either working at a theatre, or attending a gig or event. I get very twitchy when I can’t find parking right outside my destination. If I Uber it, I’m safer – there’s no need to have to walk nervously down a quiet street back to my car. 

This month (June) Uber has a nifty #ditchyourkeys campaign going on that offers riders a cool price cut in celebration of the one year anniversary of Uber X. It’s a deal. Take advantage. If you want your first ride free, use my promo code – vhlim – and voila! 

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